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Tiri Sustainable Bamboo Hair Brush with Massaging Acupressure Bristles – Turquoise


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This bamboo hairbrush is not only eco-friendly but also boasts a stylish stripe design and exceptional quality. It is perfect for daily use, quick styling, and maintaining hair extensions.

Featuring wide bristles, this brush is gentle on hair, reducing breakage and ensuring perfect detangling. Its anti-static technology helps maintain healthy, luminous hair by preventing static buildup. Additionally, the bio-acupressure technology with massaging acupressure tips improves scalp circulation for healthier hair.


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Brand: Tiri

This eco-friendly bamboo hair brush features a striking stripe design and impeccable craftsmanship. It is ideal for everyday use, quick styling, and maintaining hair extensions.

  • The wide bristles are gentle on your hair and reduce breakage.
  • The brush uses anti-static technology for perfect gentle detangling, which helps maintain healthy and luminous hair.
  • Bio-acupressure technology with massaging acupressure tips improves circulation in your scalp.
  • The 3D brush cushion is perfect for detangling fine or unruly hair, making the process extra gentle.
  • The brush is made using ethically-grown sustainable resources and eco-friendly materials.


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