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SnapWhite Sonic Toothbrush


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Introducing the SnapWhite electric toothbrush, featuring an impressive deeper clean than standard manual toothbrushes. This high-powered toothbrush effortlessly removes plaque, promoting cleaner and whiter teeth. The included interdental head ensures hard-to-reach spots are cleaned thoroughly, and the intelligent timer with a 2-minute shut-off ensures optimal brushing time recommended by the ADA.


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Brand: SnapWhite

The Brush features an impressive 33,000 strokes per minute as compared to standard manual toothbrushes. In numbers, that’s over 100 times more powerful than the usual manual brushing! It breaks down plaque for cleaner and whiter teeth. Equipped with an auto-timer LED indicator, this electric toothbrush ensures that you are brushing the ADA-recommended time.


  • High-powered toothbrush easily cleans your teeth
  • Capable of 33,000 strokes a minute
  • Included interdental head cleans hard-to-reach spots
  • Intelligent timer has a 2-minute shut off to ensure optimal brushing time
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts three weeks on a full charge when used twice daily, making it ideal for travel
  • Breaks down plaque for cleaner and whiter teeth.
  • A single charge is good for for 2-3 weeks with daily use.
  • Lightweight handle design.



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