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Maji Sports Mini Massage Stick


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Introducing the Muscle Roller Stick from Maji Sports! Crafted with 100% PP and NBR handle, this roller stick is designed to help you take your fitness routine to the next level. It helps increase blood flow to sore and hurting muscles in calves, quads, hams, and thighs, reducing lactic acid and improving sports performance. The roller stick is also great at reducing muscle knots and trigger points while accelerating muscle recovery. Additionally, it improves strength and flexibility in both muscles and joints. Shop now and experience the benefits of the Maji Sports Muscle Roller Stick!


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Brand: Maji Sports

– Increases blood flow to hurting and sore muscles in calves, quads, hams & thighs
– Reduces lactic acid & improves sports performance
– Reduces muscle knots & trigger points
– Accelerates muscle recovery
– Improves strength & flexibility to muscles and joints
– Middle: 100% PP, Handle: 70% PP, 30% NBR

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