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Teami Matcha Powder Tins


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Looking for a healthier alternative to coffee? Look no further than our Matcha Tea Powder! Made from Ceremonial Grade, USDA Organic Japanese Green Tea, our Matcha Powder offers more health benefits than regular brewed tea. With its smooth, lightly sweet taste, it’s the perfect way to start your day and keep you going all day long. Plus, the unique combination of caffeine and L-theanine in matcha provides a sustained, calming energy that won’t leave you with the jitters.


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Brand: Teami

Matcha gives you more benefits than regularly brewed tea!* Our Matcha Tea Powder is a Ceremonial Grade, USDA Organic Japanese Green Tea powder that has endless health benefits! Smooth and lightly sweet, our Matcha Tea Powder will replace your cup of coffee and sustain you throughout the day!

Benefits of Matcha:

  • Our stone ground matcha green tea powder has several strengthening properties, protecting the body from environmental stressors*
  • More effective than regular green tea, this powder has been known to enhance metabolic rates*
  • Long-lasting, clean energy – without the crash and anti-inflammatory*
  • Superfood: One glass of matcha green tea is equal to the amount of nutrition found in 10 cups of regular green tea.
  • One cup of matcha contains 6x the antioxidants in goji berries, 7x the antioxidants in dark chocolate, 17x more antioxidants than blueberries, and 60x the antioxidants found in spinach.

How To Use:

  1. For one cup, scoop 1½ teaspoons of matcha powder into your strainer.
  2. Sift your matcha powder into your tea bowl, swirling the powder around the strainer. This will help ensure there are no clumps in your tea.
  3. Pour boiling water (about 2 ounces) into a teacup, then let it cool down for about a minute). Carefully pour the hot water into the bowl with the matcha powder.
  4. Use your whisk to combine your tea. Whisk for about 10–15 seconds until the tea is bright green and smooth.
  5. Carefully pour your matcha into a teacup & enjoy!

You can consume Matcha Green Tea as a tea, make a latte, or add it into a smoothie! You can even use it for baking purposes!

Ingredients: Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder – Certified USDA Organic, Flavored matcha contains 3% natural fruit powder

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