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Adagio CA Accelerator 2100 Foldable Blow Dryer


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Adagio presents the Accelerator 2100 Blow Dryer, a top-quality hair tool with fast-drying technology that cuts drying time. Choose from two speeds and three heat settings to achieve your desired style and prevent excessive heat damage to your hair. The cool shot button locks in your style for long-lasting smoothness and shine. With its ergonomic and lightweight design, this dryer is easy to handle and perfect for travel, while also being suitable for all hair types.


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Brand: Adagio

The Adagio Accelerator 2100 Blow Dryer is a high-quality hair dryer that features fast-drying technology, which reduces dry time by 35%. You can choose from two speed and three heat settings to achieve your desired hairstyle and protect your hair from excessive heat damage. The cool shot button allows for long-lasting styling and enhances smoothness and shine. The dryer is lightweight, ergonomically designed, and suitable for travel and storage. It is also safe for all hair types.

  • The blow dryer comes with a foldable handle for compact storage and travel.
  • It features 3 heat and 2 speed settings for different hair types and styles.
  • The low heat setting is ideal for fine or thin hair, while the high heat setting is best for thick, coarse, or textured hair.
  • The cool-air setting helps to enhance shine and set your style.
  • The diffuser attachment is designed to distribute air evenly around curls, while the longer prongs reduce frizz and allow for more control during styling.
  • The flat nozzle attachment creates a high-velocity blade of air, which results in massive volume and a smooth, shiny finish by sealing the cuticle.


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