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Mixallogy 6 Pod Box Lemon Sour Mixer – 3 pack


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Indulge in the zesty flavor of our Lemon Sour mixer, made with the juiciest of ripe lemons for a versatile cocktail experience! This mixer can be used to create a classic Whiskey Sour, a refreshing Tom Collins with gin, or a sweet and tangy Lemon Drop Martini with vodka.


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Brand: Mixallogy

Made with delicious ripe lemons, this is the most versatile of our mixers, yet! Depending on the spirit, enjoy it as a Whiskey Sour or a Lemon Drop Martini.

Shaking Directions: Combine our Lemon Sour shot-pod, with 1 shot-pod of your favorite spirit and 1 shot-pod of water. Shake with ice, and serve up in a cocktail glass. Make a Whiskey Sour using whiskey, a Tom Collins using gin or a Lemon Drop Martini using vodka.


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